How To Replace Amazon Affiliate Images Made with SiteStripe

Amazon is at it again and removing another affiliate tool from the Amazon Associates program.

First they removed Native Shopping ads and now they are removing the affiliate image feature. You will no longer be able to create Amazon affiliate images using the SiteStripe tool!

Even worse, all images that you have created in the past will no longer work and they now need to be replaced 😒

So it goes without saying…you will need to replace all Amazon images made with SiteStripe on your site.

Many affiliates may just go out and copy the image shown on each Amazon product and add it to their site to replace the SiteStripe image. However, this is against Amazon’s TOS and will likely get your account shut down.

The only way to use images directly off of Amazon is to use the Amazon Product Advertising API going forward.

That being said, there is an easy solution to solving your affiliate image problem…and you can replace Amazon affiliate images made with Sitestripe in just a matter of minutes…

How To Replace Amazon Affiliate Images

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