10 Highest Hosting Payouts – Which Hosting Affiliate Program Pays the Most?

One of the most lucrative markets for affiliate is Hosting Providers. Everyone starting an online business needs one and they usually remain customers for years.

But with so many options of companies to promote, how do you know which hosting affiliate program has the highest hosting payouts?

Let us uncomplicate it for you!

10 Highest Hosting Payouts for Hosting Affiliates

Now, before we jump into it, I do want to point out one thing. Many hosting affiliate programs will tout big payouts BUT you only get those if you refer a ton of sales per month. So we are going to focus on what the hosting payout is for your first affiliate sale. I think that is much more helpful.

1. WP Engine – $200 Per Sale

highest hosting payouts

With WP Engine you will get a $200 commission on your first sale. No minimums to meet. In addition, they also offer bonuses for affiliates who bring in a higher volume of sales.

The WP Engine affiliate program is run through Share A Sale, which I always like to see as it guarantees your payments instead of the company running it in-house.

WP Engine charges a bit higher prices then some other hosting companies and they are geared strictly to customers using WordPress to run their sites.

You can see their pricing below:

Overall, I would rate WP Engine as the top pick. They offer the highest hosting payout, their have a well-trusted brand and they make it very easy for customers to use.

2. LiquidWeb – $150 Per Sale

LiquidWeb offers a $150 commission, minimum, on your first sale. You can earn more than that depending on what the customer purchases. You earn 150% of the first month sale, with a minimum payout of $150.

Their commission structure can be a bit confusing, so to give you an example: If you referred a customer that went on to purchase the Managed WordPress 1-site option, it only costs $29 per month. However, the minimum payout would kick in and you would receive $150 commission.

However, if your refer a customer that purchases the $400/month Dedicated server, you will receive a $600 commission. That’s because you get 150% commission on that purchase.

LiquidWeb gives you the ability to earn much larger commissions and the highest hosting payouts than you can get elsewhere, however, the majority of sales you make are usually going to be customers just looking to hosting their own site. Referring dedicated server sales are going to be few are far between so I still prefer the higher minimum payout from WP Engine.

LiquidWeb’s affiliate program is run through Impact Radius so you do not have to worry about getting paid.

3. WPX – $70 Per Sale

WPX offers $70 commission on your fist sale and up to $100 depending on how many sales you have generated. You can see the breakdown below and the amount of sales you have generated is based on lifetime sales, not monthly. So once you have made 100 total sales, you will receive $100 commission on ALL sales going forward.

WPX runs their affiliate program in-house which can be a concern for some people, however, I have dealt with WPX for years and they have always been one of the top hosts I have encountered when it comes to custom service.

4. HostGator – $65 Per Sale

HostGator offers a $65 commission on your first sale. The amount you earn also rises with the more sales you make. However, unlike WPX, HostGator’s increasing commissions reset every month. So each month you would need to make enough sales to get to the next level of commissions shown below:

HostGator’s affiliate program is run through Impact Radius and it only takes a couple minutes to join.

5. iPage – $65 Per Sale

iPage offers the exact same hosting payouts as HostGator. The same commissions, the same bonus tiers and they are also run through Impact Radius. It’s really a toss up between to two, personally, I have used iPage hosting before and I am not a big fan. So for me, I would promote HostGator over iPage.

6. BlueHost – $65 Per Sale

BlueHost offers a $65 commission on each hosting affiliate payout. I rank them lower than HostGator and iPage because they do not offer any bonus incentives for the more sales you make. You receive a flat $65 commission on ALL sales you make

The Best of the Rest Highest Hosting Affiliate Commissions

7. A2 Hosting – $55 Per Sale

8. Cloudways – $50 Per Sale

9. ChemiCloud – $50 Per Sale

10. Exclusive Rates

Many of the highest hosting payouts are not actively advertised by hosting providers. They are only found by talking with the affiliate manager directly.

If you know you can send a high volume of hosting referrals, or you have already done so in the past, many hosting affiliate programs will offer you an exclusive rate. Just simply get in touch with the affiliate manager and there is a good chance they have higher rates available to established affiliates.

TLDR; If you are looking for the highest hosting payouts, I recommend WP Engine or WPX. Take a look at each, decided which you think will convert better for your traffic.

WP Engine pays the highest hosting commissions, but they also have very high prices. WPX offers a great commissions while also having better pricing. So, it’s a trade off that you may want to test.

LiquidWeb pays higher than WPX but I have found their website is a bit confusing with so many options that it tends to convert much lower.

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