Amazon SiteStripe Alternatives – Easily Replace Old SiteStripe Ads

Amazon recently announced that they are removing almost all of the features of SiteStripe. Gone are the Native Ads, Images and Text and Images. All that is left is text links.

amazon sitestripe alternative

As you can see from the image above, all of the features of SiteStripe are no longer available and all that is left is text links.

What’s worse, all of the current Amazon affiliate ads you have on your sites are no longer going to work!

Essentially, you now need to go replace all of the ads you created with SiteStripe in order to start earning Amazon affiliate commissions again.

That sounds like a daunting, time consuming task. Plus, what are you going to replace them with?

Luckily, AffiliNinja can help you easily replace all of them with better looking ads!

How To Replace Amazon SiteStripe Ads Fast:

It should also be noted that you are not allowed to replace image ads by simply copying images off of Amazon. That is against their TOS. You MUST use the Amazon API to replace them.

Good news, AffiliNinja has that feature built into it!

All you need to do is paste in the ASIN of ANY Amazon product and let AffiliNinja take care of the rest!

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